How a Servant Leadership Style Can Benefit Your Business

Has your organization been experiencing high employee turnover costs? Poor performance and lack of employee job satisfaction can be attributed to many factors. However, management style is often one of the most overlooked causes of employee retention issues in the workplace.

While many organizations operate with a top-down management style, there is great value in evaluating the impact this type of management may be having on your workforce – and ultimately your bottom line. Over the years, many forward-thinking companies have turned to a servant leadership style in which upper managers provide full support to their employees to lead and make decisions.

As you reassess your management approach, here are three benefits a servant leadership style can have on your organization.

1. Employee Loyalty

Unlike traditional management styles, servant leadership encourages your employees to get involved in all aspects of the decision-making process. When your employees function as a group with common goals, a strong sense of loyalty is built over time. A loyal workforce can reap numerous rewards for your organization as a whole – including better retention and optimal performance. Most importantly, feelings of loyalty among your employees will foster better recruitment hiring outcomes, as your current employees will likely refer family and friends to your employment opportunities.

2. A Stronger and More Cohesive Culture

Because a servant leadership style imbues trust and honesty within an organization, your culture will inherently become stronger and more cohesive among your employees. When your team feels comfortable expressing themselves and going to upper management with their concerns, every employee will feel empowered and entrusted to perform their jobs with independence and integrity. This creates a bond among members of your team to turn to one another for help when needed, as well as provide each other support when challenges arise.

3. Higher Productivity

When your employees are given your blessing to lead within their departments and carry out their jobs to the best of their abilities, productivity within your organization will soar. Servant leadership goes against micromanagement, giving employees the freedom and flexibility to learn, explore and solve challenges on their own. As employees develop a greater sense of job satisfaction, they will be more productive in their day-to-day roles and feel more personal and professional fulfillment in their career growth.

Servant Leadership Enhances Your Ability as a Warehouse Manager

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