Stressed Out After the Holiday Season? Here’s How to Recharge

Though the holidays are a time of enjoyment for many, they can also be a whirlwind leaving you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Following the holidays, many professionals feel burned out before heading back to work, often physically and emotional drained from two weeks of personal obligations with family and friends.

If you experience stress after the holiday season, here are some ways to recharge before heading back to work in the new year.

Schedule Time for Yourself

Holiday time is jam-packed with commitments to family and friends, leaving little time to spend on your own. Scheduling some time for yourself is important for decompressing and getting in touch with your personal needs. The key is to say “no” to new commitments or responsibilities and stay focused on the time you need to recharge your batteries and gear up for the new year. Remember, you can’t be present for others until you’re present for yourself first!

Switch Up Your Routine

It may seem counterintuitive but switching up your regular routine can help you feel refreshed and renewed. Socializing outside your social group and meeting new people is a great way to discover new hobbies, gain different perspectives and open yourself up to things that could impact your life for the better. Consider making some small changes to your routine, such as trying a new weekly exercise class or joining a monthly book club. By expanding your horizons, you’ll learn more about yourself and connect with others who share similar interests.

Get the Help and Support You Need

If you’re struggling with your responsibilities at home or work, it’s important to seek help and support from others. Whether it’s letting your boss know you’re overburdened with your current workload or asking your partner to help with household chores, speaking up and getting support is essential to a healthy work-life balance.

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