Top Techniques for Getting Your Employees Up to Speed

Is your organization’s workforce overloaded during certain times of the year? Most leaders know firsthand that employing temporary or seasonal workers is a great way to fulfill short-term staffing needs without compromising operational productivity.

Setting your temporary employees up for success is easier said than done. Without a plan in place, this influx of employees can have adverse effects for your employees and your bottom line. As you develop your onboarding and training, check out these top techniques for getting your temporary employees up to speed.

Equip Them With the Proper Tools and Resources

Even though they’ll only be with you for a short period of time, your temporary employees deserve to have the knowledge they need to perform their work. During the onboarding process, equip temporary employees with the company handbook and any information they need regarding your operations. Informing temporary employees right away about your workplace protocols will help set expectations early on, so they have a smooth transition into their jobs.

Implement the “Buddy System”

Regardless of how comprehensive your onboarding process may be, there will undoubtedly be issues or questions your temporary workers will need addressed. Assigning your temporary employees a designated contact at your organization will allow them to have their questions answered in a timely fashion, without having to reach someone in the HR department. This has a direct impact on productivity, as it allows your temporary workers to stay on track in meeting goals and deadlines.

Educate Your Full-Time Team

It’s important your full-time staff understands the role of your temporary workforce, so they can assist in employee training and development. Your permanent workers will likely be expected to work alongside temporary employees and should be welcoming and gracious to them. Including your full-time staff in the training and onboarding of temporary employees can foster positive working relationships among everybody on your team, giving every person – permanent or not – a sense of belonging and purpose.

Implementing an onboarding program that fully integrates your temporary workers into your organization will allow them to perform their best during the short period of time they’ll be working for you. With the right preparation and effort, you can create an environment in which all employees work collaboratively to meet key organizational goals.

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