Today’s Thank-You Note Could Lead to Tomorrow’s Job Offer

Are you advancing to plenty of interviews, but having trouble landing a new job? Have you ever stopped to think that today’s thank-you note could very well be tomorrow’s job offer? You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to follow up on an interview with an impressive note that reinforces why you’re a top candidate for the job.

The trick is to now write an average thank-you note, but one that truly encompasses your qualifications and professionalism. Here’s how you can accomplish this.

Be Positive and Enthusiastic

Chances are the hiring manager you met with is a busy person and may forget parts of your interview among their day-to-day commitments. Telling them you had a positive interview experience will remind them about your conversation and how you may have shined as a candidate. Explaining you’re excited about the job prospect will also show enthusiasm and demonstrate interest – two traits employers look for in determining best-fit candidates.

Highlight What Makes You Unique

It’s fair to say you may have been one of dozens of candidates the hiring manager interviewed for the job. Use your thank-you note as an opportunity to highlight what specific qualifications make you different than the competition. For example, do you have a special certification or skill? Do you have extensive work experience in the industry? Reflect on what you specifically bring to the table and reference it in your note!

Make it Personal

In general, thank-you notes that are handwritten are ideal. However, an emailed thank-you note is acceptable if you need to send it within a quick timeframe. Either way, address the hiring manager by their name and state how much you enjoyed meeting with them. Making your note about your personal experience visiting the company – rather than just your qualifications – will show you care about becoming part of the team, rather than just landing the job.

With the right thank-you note, you’ll be well on your way to landing your next job offer! If you’re looking for new employment options, get in touch with On Time Staffing, specializing in warehouse, manufacturing and packing environments.