Tips for Maintaining Your Personal Protective Equipment

With so much attention placed on how to use personal protective equipment (PPE) for safety purposes, it’s easy to forget that proper maintenance of this equipment should always be a top priority. In any manufacturing or warehouse environment, workers must take proactive measures to ensure that equipment is cared for in a way that’s consistent with the highest health and safety standards.

Failing to maintain your equipment at work can have dire consequences. If it’s been awhile since you educated yourself about safety, here’s a refresher on proper maintenance for hard hats, eyewear and footwear.

Hard Hats

Proper maintenance of hard hats is crucial! Hard hats should be cleaned regularly with warm water and soap to remove any harsh chemicals or materials. After use, hard hats should always be stored in a safe place, such as a storage bin or closet, so they don’t get knocked around or damaged. Before storing hard hats, it’s a good idea to examine them for any damage, such as a cracks or dents that could make them defective. Even what appears to be minimal damage can reduce a hard hat’s functionality, diminishing the safety it provides.


Like hard hats, properly caring for eyewear is just as important for safety. In addition to always cleaning safety glasses after use, you’ll want to store them in a safe place where they’ll won’t be scratched or mishandled. You’ll also want to closely inspect glasses for damage, such as cracks or bent frames.

If you notice any change to the glasses, they should be replaced immediately so that they don’t cause harm to anybody’s eyes. Even if something appears as a minor scratch, it should be taken seriously. Glasses that are cracked or bent can be a hassle to work with and a sign of further damage if they are not repaired properly.

Foot Protection

Protecting footwear is perhaps one of the most important steps you can take in terms of safety. In workplaces with a lot of equipment and machinery, foot protection is paramount and should be taken seriously. Proper footwear in the warehouse helps you avoid slips and falls

To protect footwear, employees should always clean soiled shoes after use, examine worn shoes for damage and replace shoes every year so they remain functional on the job.

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When it comes to maintaining personal protective equipment, you can never be too cautious. Taking the precautions above to properly maintain your equipment will reduce the risk of injury to you and others, improving your quality of life at work.

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