How to Showcase Your Work Ethic and Personality on the Job Hunt

During the job search, it’s normal for candidates to focus heavily on impressing employers with the skills and qualifications they bring to the table. However, it’s important to remember to positively express yourself as a candidate and demonstrate your work ethic and personality during the application and interview process. Remember, employers aren’t just seeking qualified candidates – they want employees who will be meaningful contributors to their team and represent their company well!

Throughout your job hunt, here are three key ways to effectively showcase your work ethic and personality to employers.

Utilize Your Cover Letter

Your cover letter presents the ideal opportunity to express who you are not only as a candidate, but as a person. To highlight aspects of your work ethic and personality, go beyond describing what you can do and use your cover letter to describe how you do it! You can make your cover letter most compelling by providing examples of times you’ve demonstrated specific skills sought by the employer. Always make sure to provide context and paint a clear picture of who you are and how you approach your job – just as you would in a real-life discussion.

Humanize Your Interview

The combination of nerves and pressure often makes candidates react in a robotic way to interview questions. To truly showcase your personality, you’ll have to fight the urge to be overly stiff or scripted. This means having some inflection in your voice and treating the interview as more of a conversation, versus a back-and-forth Q&A.

When answering questions, provide some degree of detailed description and context for your answers. It also helps to provide short stories and examples to support your responses, as these will make you more memorable as a candidate.

Send a Personalized Thank-You Note

The way in which you follow up after an interview can be one of the most impactful ways to show an employer your true colors. Crafting a personalized thank you note for your interviewer – which recaps your conversation and reinforces your qualifications – will demonstrate a sense of professionalism many other candidates lack. Your thank you note will also show your ability to take initiative and communicate – two vital skills required to succeed in the workforce.

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