How Can You Identify Warehouse Employees With Potential for Growth?

Is your organization striving to build upon its current workforce? After hiring new warehouse employees, the next natural step to retaining them is to identify their long-term potential for growth. With so much time and money spent on training new workers, it’s easier – and less expensive – for organizations to maintain their current talent pool rather than hiring more new candidates.

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As you grow your team and build the talents of your current employees, here are three key tips for identifying and harnessing your warehouse workers’ potential for growth.

Focus on Leadership

Rather than evaluate employees only for their individual performance, look also at their ability to lead others on the job and take on new responsibilities. Employees who can effectively lead and motivate co-workers, take on new assignments and projects, and demonstrate good judgment on the job, are generally poised to grow into more advanced roles within your organization.

While you can correct errors in an employee’s performance, it’s much harder to teach somebody how to be a leader within their role. This is why looking at an employee’s core leadership characteristics and abilities will help you determine their potential to succeed in higher positions.

Pay Attention to Emotional Intelligence

It’s important to remember success in any workforce goes beyond basic skills. Employees who excel are typically those who exhibit a high degree of emotional intelligence and work well with others without incurring conflict or tension. Taking note of how employees adapt to change and handle challenges can be strongly indicative of how well-suited they are to navigate a position with greater power. Having employees with strong emotional intelligence is also essential for building a workplace culture that thrives on teamwork, collaboration and trust.

Make Training a Priority

You can’t expect your employees to experience any significant professional growth unless you make training and development a top priority. This means investing in your employees not just during the initial hiring process, but also as they are evaluated each year and progress. This will give your employees the tools and guidance they need to successfully advance without feeling overwhelmed or left in the dust!

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